Masturbators are essentially meant to enhance and/or replicate the sensations of penetrative sex during masturbation. They provide more texture and sensation than using your own hands and are also great training aids for actual sex.

Strokers range from ridiculously cheap disposable models that work well as temporary aids to realistic and durable masturbators like the ever so popular Fleshlights. And if you want to go all in, it’s also possible to get a fully automated feature-packed machine like the Launch that’ll do all the work for you.

These toys usually cannot be used without lubrification, so make sure to stock up on a good water-based lube, since other lubes might damage your toys. Even with proper care, you will want to replace most non-silicone-based masturbators after some time.

If you want to keep clean-up to a minimum, they do make open-ended masturbators like the Quickshot and the Pulse III that will prevent you from finishing off inside the toys. And while these sex toys are great, they do sacrifice suction for ease of cleaning. But to some, it might be a small sacrifice to avoid the tedious process of cleaning up.

How to clean your toy?

You have just obtained your very first sex toy. The excitement and anticipation that fills your body and senses is so immense, that you can’t wait to try it out. Use it and get your sexual fix whenever you want. What we are going to do is to recommend ways to clean and take care of your toy so you can continue to use it with comfort and ease.

Cleaning your device is an essential step to ensuring that your device remains usable, pleasurable and free from any bacteria and other potentially dangerous germs. Using your toy can be fun, but cleaning and taking good care of it, is essential to its effectiveness. Below you’ll find a guide on what to do and what not to do, when caring for your new sex toy. You’ll also find from useful suggestions and tips that will make your toy withstand the test of time

Cleaning processes

  • Remove the sleeve from its case (if it come in a case) and any other vibrating components before starting the process. RINSE. To clean your toy, run warm water through it to clean out any remaining fluids. For a thorough cleaning, apply a few sprays of toy cleaner, before rinsing.
  • After cleaning the outer and inner portions of your toy, you are going to want to let it dry. The preferred drying period is 24 hours in a well-ventilated place.

Other Cleaning Tips

After each use, try coating corn starch powder on the outside of your toy. This powder is an essential step you are going to need to take if time elapses between use.

Using the corn starch will help keep your toy’s shape, reduce stickiness, and prevent the exterior from deterioration (exterior deterioration can cause internal problems as well). Coat only on the exterior of your device and not too close to the entry chamber. Getting corn starch inside your toy might not create for a pleasurable experience. Fleshlight Renewing Powder is also available on our site which is an alternative to the corn starch method.

Using the above methods will do the trick, this concludes all you need to know and guarantee the before and after process of masturbating with your toy can be a positive one.

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