It is incredibly important to keep your sex toys clean and contaminant free, this will also prolong the durability of your sex toy. Additionally, your adult toys should be stored correctly too.


Clean your luxury sex toys before and after each use to ensure that they are free from bacteria build up.

You could use soap and water, but soap can leave an unseen residue on the sex toy. You could also boil your non-vibrating toys, by either the use of a colander or pour boiling water on top of the toy for no more than five minutes. If your toy is battery operated, it is wise to always take the batteries out before cleaning. Lastly the simplest option is to spray your sex toy with a disinfectant cleaner all over your toy, making sure all areas are covered, leaving the cleaner on the toy for around 30 seconds and then rinse under warm water.

Either air dry or dry with a clean cloth.