These anal plugs are exactly what they sound like, plugs that go in your butt! By pushing and opening the anus, they stimulate all the muscles of the sphincter and provide a completely unique kind of anal pleasure. Once inside, they literally make you feel like you’ve been “filled up”. It’s a hard sensation to describe, but once you try it yourself, we’re absolutely sure you’ll be hooked!

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  • This Aphrodisia extra large butt plug is sure to hit all the right spots back there with its tapered tip for comfortable insertion and flared wide body for an oh-so-full feeling you’ll love! It’s made from waterproof silicone that is easy to clean and glides beautifully with water-based lubricant. The wide stopper base keeps the plug at a safe depth between your cheeks and also doubles as a sturdy suction cup base so you can mount your plug on most flat surfaces and have some hands-free fun.

    • Tapered tip for comfortable insertion don’t forget lubricant
    • Flared body for a pleasantly full, stretched feeling
    • Wide stopper base for safe anal use & easy removal
    • Sturdy suction cup for hands-free fun on most flat, solid surfaces
    • Made from best quality silicone
    • Measurements: Length: 11.40cm * Diameter 6.20cm
  • This Aphrodisia large butt plug has a tapered tip and is made from body-safe seamless silicone that glides beautifully into your most intimate area, especially with the help of your favorite water-based lubricant. It has a sturdy suction cup base that acts as a stopper for the plug and also sticks to most flat and firm surfaces so you can ride hands-free to your heart’s content. The waterproof silicone is a cinch to clean when your fun is done, or you can take the Aphrodisia large butt plug into the shower or bath.

    • Large design for an arousing full sensation
    • Tapered tip for comfortable insertion
    • The suction cup base sticks to flat, firm surfaces for hands-free fun
    • Easy to remove with the suction cup base acting as a stopper
    • Waterproof for easy cleaning, plus fun in the shower or bath
    • Made from best quality silicone
    • Measurements: Length: 9.50cm * Diameter 5.20cm
  • Taking anal play to the next level. Made from soft but firm PVC, this flexible butt plug does wonders as an anal toy! A pendant shaped butt plug featuring a narrow neck for an easy insertion while the flared base allows for a quick and easy withdrawal. The shape, length and girth of the penetrative parts of the butt plug stimulate both the female G-spot and the male prostate gland. For those of you who enjoy the wonders of anal stimulation, this is without a doubt the butt plug for you. A classic butt plug delivering breath taking anal fun. Ideal for him and for her, this butt plug also includes a strong suction cup at the base that will stick to any smooth surface for hands-free anal fun.

    • Strong Suction Cup
    • Size: Length 11.5cm x Width 3.5cm
  • Perfect for those new to anal play, the Neon Butt Plug is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation. Made from super-smooth phthalate-free, body-safe PVC. The soft, flexible, yet sturdy body of this anal sex toy is perfect for a satisfying anal experience. An important feature of any butt plug is the narrow T-shaped base. Always look for a flared or T-shaped base to prevent your butt plug from slipping in too far into the rectum. When you’re ready to try some anal masturbation or anal sex, a good place to start are with lowly butt plugs, or butt plug vibrators. Here’s why: muscles and nerve endings near the anus are very, very sensitive and can give you some incredible sensations – when touched the right way. Maybe it’s because you’re playing in the neighborhood right next door to your genitals.

    • Size: Length 11cm * Diameter: 3cm
    • Insertable: 9cm
    • Material: PVC
  • Fulfill your wildest anal aspirations! Being Fetish 5.5 Inches Fat Butt Plug is so nice and thick, it’s the perfect anal toy for training BIG. The tip starts you out at a pleasant 1.9cm wide. Not tiny, but not unmanageable. But watch out – it gets wider fast. Keep going and you’ll find yourself going so deep and wide, a very filling 5,7cm wide. That’s comparable to the width of many standard doorknobs.

    • Size: Length 14cm * Width: 5,7cm
    • Insertable: 12cm
    • Material: PVC
  • The bumps on the butt plug’s shaft start off small, measuring less than an inch across, to give backdoor beginners a chance to grow accustomed to the sex toy. As you learn to handle more of the shaft, the bumps gradually grow larger to give you an increasing challenge. Anal stimulation allows men to directly stimulate their sensitive prostate, giving them more powerful and longer lasting orgasms. While some women are sensitive enough to orgasm from anal penetration, most enjoy the indirect stimulation of their G Spot and the taboo thrill of it.

    • Size: Length 14.5cm * Width 2.5cm
    • Insertable: 11.5cm
    • Material: PVC
  • Start your anal journey the right way! If you’ve always wanted to experiment with an anal sex toy, Being Fetish Anal Plug 5.9 Inch may be the most fun, cost-effective starter toy out there. It’s got just the right amount of size and a soft, cushy construction that leave you breathless. Just add your favorite lubricant to get the Being Fetish Anal Plug 5.9 Inch even smoother and slicker. The narrow tip makes entry easy, and the bulled shaft lets you take in as much or as little of the plug as you like. Grip the t-shaped safety base and use it as a handle for even better control.

    Perfect for those new to anal play, the Being Fetish Anal Plug 5.9 Inch is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation. Made from super-smooth phthalate-free, body-safe PVC.

    • Size: Length 15cm * Width 4cm
    • Insertable: 10cm
    • Material: PVC
  • Buccaneer Anal Plug

    0 out of 5

    An awesome Dildo butt plug made with Loveclone RX™, non allergenic and phthalate-free. Pliable touch with a large and strong suction cup.

    Flesh color

    Length 12,7cm width 4,5 cm

  • This Plug is perfect for beginners in anal sex. Its shape and size helps the insertion.

    • Material: PVC
    • Size: Length 6.6cm x Width 2.4cm
    • With Elastomer safe for the skin.
  • Classic butt plug in bright red. Made of soft high quality silicone. It has a tapered shape, tapered tip and wide base for safe and easy insertion. The butt plug comes with three cock rings with different surface reliefs.

    • Petite silicone butt plug for beginners to anal play
    • Flexible-yet-firm with rounded tip for pleasurable insertion and wear
    • Flared based for peace of mind and perineum stimulation
    • 3 super-stretchy cock rings that may boost your sexual stamina
    • Can be worn in different combinations around shaft and testicles for pleasurable constriction
  • Make your night rise to unsuspected worlds of pleasure with this complete kit. It has an anal stimulator, a mini massager and three penis rings. Explore new adventures, break free from routine and enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

    • 3-piece couple’s sex toy kit for shared pleasure
    • Micro wand vibrator for thrilling external stimulation
    • 3 cock rings potentially improve stamina
    • Slimline butt plug is perfect for those just starting their anal play adventure
    • Material: TPE & ABS
    • Battery: 2 * LR44
  • Hi-Basic Anal Plug

    0 out of 5

    Hi-Basic anal plug 10.25cm in pink. The perfect toy for beginners. It is shaped to stay inserted with an easy to grip base that has a hole at base to allow insertion of a bullet vibe. Length is 10.25cm, 8.25cm insertable and width 3.17cm.

    A sassy anal plug that will bring you the most incredible anal pleasure ever. This pink friend will make you sassy and sexual with its good size base to stay in control. There’s also a panel at the base for bullet vibrator insertion to add extra sensation.

    • Shaped to stay inside
    • Hold at base allows insertion of bullet vibe
    • Size: Length 10.25cm * Width 3.17cm
    • Material: PVC