On your own or with a partner, a vibrator makes it so much easier to reach orgasm. Browse our collection of sex toys for women. No matter your sexual preference or desire, you’re sure to find the perfect vibrator for you.

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  • 100 Speed Vibrator

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    With great power comes great orgasm-ability. Don’t believe us? Just try this 100 Speed Vibrator for size. 100 different vibratory speeds, from the softest to the most powerful. You will get everything you expected, you never even expected it. This is the most powerful, amazing, magical, creative and friendly sex massager. It is travel friendly so you can put it in your bag.

    When the vibrator is off, click the button, the vibrator will run the first vibration pattern. The vibrator will always run the first model when you turn it on, it has no relation to the model you turn it off. For example, you turn it off on vibratory pattern 64, and you plan to turn it on and continue to enjoy vibration pattern 64, sorry, you can’t. Because you go to the vibration model n. 1 and you will have to click the button for 63 times to go to vibration pattern 64.

    • Classic vibrator for incredible internal and external stimulation
    • Tapered tip and super-smooth shaft for easy insertion, perfect for first-time intimate play
    • Fully waterproof for aquatic pleasure sessions
    • Single button control keeps things simple for playtime
    • 100 function classic vibrator
    • Material: ABS Plastic
      Battery: 2 AA (Not Include)
      Insertable Length: 14.50cm
      Size: Length: 17.50cm * Width 3cm
  • These two tender unopened pink lily buds promise many secrets and pleasures. Slightly pointed tips will help you point out soft stimulation and find a corner of heavenly delight. The toy will be a great occasion for a pleasant pastime, solo or in pairs. The pink part of the vibrator is made of innovative, completely hypoallergenic material. Bends easily and discreetly adjusts to any of your movements. Vibration massage can be chosen in 10 different options – from the most delicate to intense. the enjoyment mode is easy to switch with the buttons. The double motor spreads vibration to both branches, creating a double caress effect. Working length 10 cm.

    • Sleek, silicone rabbit vibrator for blended G-spot and clitoral stimulation
    • Simple, non-intimidating design makes it perfect for beginners
    • Enjoy 3 speeds and 7 patterns while the branches treat you to dual stimulation of your G-spot and clitoris
    • Waterproof for fun in the shower
    • Size: Length 20cm * Width 3.50cm
    • Material: Silicone & ABS
    • Battery: 2 * AAA Batteries
  • In addition to its stunning appearance, the Una vibrator is capable of delivering amazing pleasure to a partner and has a lot of advantages. In particular, the delicate head of the vibrator is shaped like a penis, providing additional stimulation, the soft and flexible tip of the massager will effectively stimulate the G-spot, so that the pleasure is unforgettable! The model is made of velvet cuddly medical grade silicone, the best material for sex toys of its kind. Products made from it touch the body with special love, the vibrator is easy to wash and use in conjunction with lubricants. The vibrator operates in 10 vibration modes controlled by one button. Working length 12 cm.

    • Smooth contoured vibrator designed to deliver powerful vibrations to your G-spot
    • Featuring 3 speeds and 7 patterns to give a wide variety of delicious sensations to discover
    • Elegant curved design complements your inner contours
    • Easy-to-use controls for seamless switching between patterns
    • Waterproof for fun in the shower
    • Size: Length 19.80cm * Width 4cm
    • Material: Silicone & ABS
    • Battery: 2 * AAA Batteries
  • Alina AV Vibrator

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    Alina is a new AV stick, can give you deep vibrations. The head is used for genital massage, stimulating the clitoris and other sensitive parts, smooth and soft handle with a powerful motor inside, give you the most pleasant sensory enjoyment.

    • Vibrating mode: 10 Frequency
    • Material: ABS + Silicone
    • Max noise: ≤50db
    • Waterproof
    • USB rechargeable
    • Use time: 2 Hours
    • Charging time: 1.5 Hours
    • Length 20cm * Width 4.3cm
  • When it comes to your or your partner’s ultimate pleasure, sometimes there’s just nothing better than a deep-reaching, perfectly contoured vibrating penetrator. Unless, of course, you or they also happen to be craving some powerful, super-stimulating suction. Never fear, with the amazingly, orgasmically capable Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy both.

    The Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator is not just a clitoral, breast or body play-ready suction pump, though it’s a fantastic one. It’s also not just a silky textured, inner sweet-spot seeking vibrator, though it has that particular pleasure act fully covered. Fact is, the Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator is both of those things – a perfect example of genius design and functionality working together in orgasmic harmony.

    The g-spot loving silicone portion of your Alon can be used any way you or your playmate likes, from deep throbbing internal penetration and g-spot or prostate seeking to teasing sweet spots body-wide. A dedicated button mans seven modes of powerful vibration. USB rechargeable, the Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator powers up at any free USB port using an included cable. In high end silicone plus sturdy acrylic, the Alon is hypoallergenic, body-safe, and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

    • Clear cylinder shows the magic in action
    • 7 intensity suctioning modes & 7 G-spot Vibration Speeds
    • Increases blood flow to clitoris and labia for heightened response to touch
    • Lined pump chamber gets great suction with help from just a touch of lube
    • Powerful G-spot vibrator for those craving intense internal stimulation
    • Curved design applies firm pressure to your G-spot
    • USB rechargeable with a magnetic cable included
    • Size: Length 25.80cm * Width 8.50cm
    • Material: ABS & Silicone
  • Elevate your intimacy to new heights with the Amzing Toy Viviana Couple Vibe 10 Function Remote Couple’s Vibrator. This innovative couple’s vibrator has a new addition with a smooth wireless remote control for creative and exciting play. The Viviana Couple Vibe ergonomic and sumptuous shape hugs her intimate area with two powerful motors in each shaft for an exhilarating clitoral and G-spot massage, while providing a tighter sensation and stirring vibrations for him on penetration.

    Add a touch of luxury to lovemaking with this state-of-the-art toy as you mutually explore 10 powerful programs with varying speeds and pulsation settings to find your vibe together. To insert, slick a drop of water-based lubricant across the toy for a smoother glide. You’ll adore every stroke of its soft silicone body that’s skin-safe for comfortable, extended wear.

    • U-shape fits flush to her body, while delivering tight, intense vibrations for him
    • Enjoy 9 powerful modes – wirelessly – for deeper rhythmic sensations
    • Soft waterproof silicone is body safe and easy to clean
    • Made from body-safe silicone, waterproof and USB rechargeable
    • Hand over control for tantalising pleasure from up to 5 meters away
    • Conveniently USB Rechargeable, High Quality Li-ion Battery. Runs up to 2 Hours Per Charge.
    • Material: ABS & Silicone
  • Simple, subtle and full of pleasure giving capabilities, this Anna Classic Vibrator. Classic Vibrator by Sifrs is sure to satisfy. Designed with a smooth and slim shaft with a tapered tip for easy insertion, it’s perfect for a number of pleasure pursuits including vaginal and anal stimulation. Made from ABS plastic it feels amazing pressed against the skin or inserted into the body, and you’ll be able to feel every tremble of vibration as the vibe purrs ever so quietly. It offers 10 speed vibrations and you can control the power easily with the single button at the base of the toy.

    • Slim and sleek for easy use
    • 10 speed vibrations to drive you wild
    • Perfect for beginners
    • Can be used vaginally or anally
    • Size: Length 16cm * Width 2.70cm
    • Batteries: 2 AAA ( Not included )
    • Material: ABS & Silicone
    • Waterproof
  • Let the Anna Hollow Handle G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator massage your insides and stimulate your outsides until all your troubles have melted away! This sleek rabbit vibrator can tease and please you all night with 12 intense vibration patterns, powered by separate motors in the classic rabbit-style clitoral stimulator and G-spot head.

    The bulbous insertable head sports a flared shape to press against your sensitive G-spot while the toy’s curved shaft helps it reach deep inside you to hit all the right areas. Meanwhile, the contoured rabbit head and double-pronged bunny ears of the clitoral stimulator tickle and tantalize your clitoris for orgasms that will send you to the moon and back.

    • 12 function rabbit vibrator with a G-spot-seeking tip for gratifying blended bliss
    • Silky-smooth silicone provides sensual stimulation both inside and out
    • Fully waterproof so you can play in the bath or shower
    • USB rechargeable for pleasure on the go
    • Measurements: Length: 21cm * Diameter 3.70cm
    • Material: Silicone & ABS
  • Based on the best selling classic, The silver power bullet we have now doubled the fun with the double bullets vibrator. With 2 bullets you can enjoy sweet sensations in 2 erogenous zones. Or you can use it together with your partner. Imagine the possibilities!

    • 10 Speeds Vibration
    • Controller Size: Length 9.5cm * Width 3.6cm
      Egg Size: Length 4.2cm * Width 1.6cm
    • Material: ABS
    • Batteries: 2 AAA (Not Include)
    • Waterproof
  • This vibrating egg has powerful vibrations all controlled with the remote control. From a comfortable, gentle vibration to an extremely strong vibrating; you control it with your attached controller.

    • 10 Speeds Vibration
    • Controller Size: Length 9.5cm * Width 3.6cm
      Egg Size: Length 6.2cm * Width 2.6cm
    • Material: ABS
    • Batteries: 2 AAA (Not Include)
    • Waterproof
  • The phrase has always been double trouble, but that’s about to change. No longer double the trouble.. more like double the pleasure! These dual mini vibrators will drive you crazy. Do you know what it’s like to have 2 mini bullets inside of you? A bundle of sexual pleasure all at the same time. These twins will have you screaming for all the right reasons. Sending you speeding towards an orgasm twice as fast.

    • Function: 7 Frequency Vibration
    • Bullet Size: Length 6cm * Width 1.6 cm
    • Power: 2 AAA (Not Include)
    • Material: ABS
    • Waterproof Bullets
  • The Aphrodisia 7 Mode Slim Vibe exhilarates more of your body with added length and 7 heart-racing functions. It remains a discreet vibe ideal for travel, and an overwhelming treat for any beginner or couple that craves a long, trembling touch of satisfaction. It takes a AAA battery for when you need its pulsations now!

    • 7 Speed Vibration
    • Length 9cm * width 1.5cm
    • Material: ABS
    • Phthalate-Free
    • 1 AAA (Not Include)
    • Waterproof