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Turn on the red lights and enjoy the liberating experience of Amsterdam. This small bottle of Amsterdam poppers could be your ticket to a better experience. Simply pop it open and let it do its thing, before you know it you’ll be popping like you are in one of the most liberated cities in Europe! Every bottle of Amsterdam is made with Isobutyl Nitrite. Find out why so many people are enjoying themselves while they’re experiencing nitrate based popper.


May be fatal if swallowed. Skin irritant and severe eye irritant. Highly flammable. Note that poppers is addictive.

Poppers primarily act as a vasodilator, which means that they expand the blood vessels. Having dilated blood vessels can cause:

  • A sudden drop in blood pressure (too low, may cause fainting or a loss of consciousness)
  • dizziness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Light headedness

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