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Get this fantastic double strap-on dildo for a totally satisfying ride. Both attached dildos are made of TPR material which are firm enough for penetration but sufficiently soft to have plenty of flexibility. The outer dildo is 16cm long and the inner dildo is 10.5cm in length to satisfy you in a variety of ways. Both dildos are realistic to the touch and veined for added stimulation with a nodule covered ‘clit bumper’ at the base of the main dildo that will rub satisfyingly against the receiver. This awesome double strap-on dildo comes complete with a main dildo and a fully adjustable elasticized strap-on harness with in-built secondary dildo. Get this double strap-on dildo for total strap-on satisfaction.

  • Material: TPR & ABS
  • Size: Larger length 16cm * Width 3.5cm
    Smaller Length 10.5cm * Width 3.7cm

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