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Start off small and work your way up with this Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Mini Silver Metal Balls which is the petite version of the best-selling Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls. An excellent choice for those looking for a beginner Kegel toning challenge as they revel in exquisite Anastasia-style indulgence.

“I flush from the constant movement of the silver balls. They weigh down inside me, massaging me internally and make me needy, needy for sex. Oh, the sensation is exquisite.” – Anastasia Steele

Smooth, solid metal and silicone have been used to create these Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Mini Silver Metal Balls. Offering a combined weight of 85g, they are ideal for comfortable wear and gentle pelvic floor strengthening. Each of the balls has a slim 2cm width for comfortable use. Easy to remove thanks to the strong silicone recovery rope.

Discreet and silent, so you can use them outside the house. The Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Mini Silver Metal Balls come with a storage bag of 50 shades of gray, which also makes them an ideal erotic gift for fans of books. Part of the collection 50 shades of gray official Pleasure approved by the author EL James.

Key features

  • Weighted metal Kegel balls for strengthening pelvic floor muscles
  • Around 30% smaller in size and weight than the best-selling Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls
  • Smooth, solid metal for a full, heavy sensation, with a combined weight of 85G
  • Easily removed thanks to the strong silicone retrieval cord
  • Try wearing the discreet pleasure balls out of the house for a cheeky thrill

How to use Kegel balls

Simply insert the Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls into the vagina and try to hold them in place by clenching your kegel muscles while you go about your daily tasks. Start with just one and then work your way up to two once you’re ready for the challenge! They’re ideal for first-time kegel toy users and feature a handy retrieval loop that makes removal easy. These balls are body-safe and won’t rust when exposed to water, making them a cinch to clean after use.

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Inner Goddess Mini Silver Pleasure Balls 85G
Fifty Shades Inner Goddess Mini Silver Metal Balls