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An ancient Chinese balm, that is applied to the head of the penis enabling men with Premature Ejaculation to lead a fulfilling sex life. With many of the old Chinese medicine and herbal remedies they are tried and tested over many years and as much of the modern medicine comes from the old Chinese remedies and plants, trees etc they are often overlooked by the west.


  • Spread a thin layer around the head of the sex organ 3 hours before intercourse.
  • Repeat Step 1 an hour after first application.
  • Repeat Step 1 an hour after second application.
  • Wait an hour after third application
  • Have fun!


Warnings and precaution

Do not use if allergic to anesthetics.
Do not use when your partner is pregnant.
Do not use on infected or irritated skin.
Keep out of reach of children.
If irritation or discomfort develops, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Out of stock

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