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Lubri-a is a sterile lubricating jelly, biologically inert, fragrance free, non irritating, non sticky, non staining, non greasy, alcohol free, ph balanced and easily cleaned and removed after use. It is ideal for lubrication of catheters, specular, probes, electrodes, surgical instruments & with medical examinations. Lubri-a Lubricating Jelly is also ideal for vaginal lubrication prior to sexual intercourse and use with condoms.

  • Natural Feel
  • Water-based Lubricant
  • Compatible with Latex products
  • Quickly prepares you for sexual intimacy
  • Relieves the discomfort of dryness


Glycerine 9,9% m/m (E-422), Methyl Paraben 0,10% m/m (E 218, Propyl Paraben 0,04% m/m (E216)

Warnings and precaution

If irritation or discomfort develops, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
Do not use on infected or irritated skin.
Not a contraceptive. Contains no spermicide.
Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.


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