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A stylish, ultra functional take on a classic bondage playtime staple, the Sinful Whip combines a sturdy, patterned vinyl handle with long, soft leather tails that tickle or sting, depending on how you choose to wield it.

Great for beginners, the Sinful is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and on the petite size, allowing for easy control- as mentioned, it can inspire a whisper-soft sensation or a more intense bite as desired. The Whip is 27cm in total.

  • Lightweight lace flogger for beginner’s impact play
  • Soft faux leather fronds are perfect for light tickles and sharp lashes
  • 27cm length for discreet storage and travel
  • Material: PU, Vinyl
  • Length 27cm * Width 3cm

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Luxury Fetish Passionate Flogger