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Created by and for male pleasure, the Passion Pump brand will help you achieve the erection you have always wanted and the relationships you deserve. Get more satisfying sex with Passion LCD Display Automatic Pump. Thanks to its wonderful characteristics, you will be able to achieve what you have always wanted, powerful, thick, strong erections and above all, pleasant without the need to go to surgery or pills. The Passion LCD Display Automatic Pump has a transparent cylinder with a gauge, ideal to check how your penis grows with each thrust. But this pump goes further, it has a display that will indicate the pumping levels.

To start enjoying, you just have to press the + button, after which the screen will light up. Press + again to enjoy the first level of pressure. With the + button you can enjoy -10Mbar, -20Mbar, -30Mbar and -40Mbar, you decide which one you want at all times. When you want to change the level you will only have to press + and to lower the level press the – button. Keep in mind that if you are on the first level and press – the pump will turn off. When you think you have grown enough you can press the Valve button to release the pressure instantly.

  • Automatic USB rechargeable penis pump
  • Made of superior medical material, Eco-friendly, odor free, safe and non-poisonous
  • Promote blood circulation, helping penis enlargement and rapid erection.
  • Clear scale on the transparent tube helps you monitor the growt
  • With LCD display shows the pressure value, battery capacity and using time.
  • Removable air tube for easy cleaning, ensuring the full comfort of use and hygiene.

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