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Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here to find out more about us! The dedicated team behind Erotic Adult Boutique have been in the adult novelty industry since 2012, deciding in 2020 to expand into the online market. By moving operations online, we have extended our visibility across Southern Africa.

Let us help you ignite your passion and excitement once more!

When you have been happily married to your spouse for years and all felt the funk of a relationship. It happens to everyone…eventually, but there is no need to let the spark fizzle.

We avidly believe that including sex toys into your love making is the best way to keep it lively, fun, and fascinating. It’s time to have some FUN!

Why Choice Us?

Our vast experience within the industry – we can differentiate between the quality of products available in the market. We have over the years, developed a thorough knowledge on everything related to the adult toy industry.

We may not have the biggest selection; however, this is on purpose – we stock only the good stuff! In our opinion, there is no need to overwhelm the customer with several items of the same category, we want to make it as simple and convenient for you to make a crucial choice.

Our brands

We are dedicated to giving you the absolute best of unique, innovative sex toys and sexual wellbeing products available in the market, to bring you the very best of sexual happiness.

YOU are Important to us!

We are eager to share our expertise with you. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions, we are always available to assist.

To quickly obtain the precise information about a product under consideration, just pop us an email, a reply will show up in your inbox, within the same business day. We don’t just want a once-off customer; we want a customer for life!

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