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  • Are you longing for a new kind of sexual pleasure that you have not experienced before? If you haven’t tried penis plugging, perhaps it’s high time that you do! And there’s no better sex toy to make all that happen other than the 1 Speed Vibrating Thread Urethral Silicone Penis Plug.

    When it comes to penis plugging, you can always turn and rely on the 1 Speed Vibrating Thread Urethral Silicone Penis Plug. As it is made of high-quality silicone, it’s perfectly body safe. It’s very flexible so you don’t have to worry about bending it! Because it’s also very gentle on any sensitive skin, you can use it anytime you desire.

    It features 1 vibrating speed that will optimize your urethral experience. Given the number, you will surely have a fun and interesting time trying out all of them and figuring out which ones can satisfy your needs. If you wish to use this silicone-based penis plug outside the bedroom, you can actually take it with you in the shower. It’s completely waterproof.

    • 1 delicious speed and patterns for explosive stimulation
    • Longer, textured sound has a diameter of 6mm and delivers extra stimulation
    • Flexible, hypoallergenic, lightweight silicone offers comfort and is ideal for first-time urethral play
    • beginner-friendly silicone urethral sounds for exploring urethral play
    • Measurements: Length: 25cm * Diameter 0.65cm
    • Battery: 1 * AAA Batteries (Not Include)
    • Material: Silicone
  • 100 Speed Vibrator

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    With great power comes great orgasm-ability. Don’t believe us? Just try this 100 Speed Vibrator for size. 100 different vibratory speeds, from the softest to the most powerful. You will get everything you expected, you never even expected it. This is the most powerful, amazing, magical, creative and friendly sex massager. It is travel friendly so you can put it in your bag.

    When the vibrator is off, click the button, the vibrator will run the first vibration pattern. The vibrator will always run the first model when you turn it on, it has no relation to the model you turn it off. For example, you turn it off on vibratory pattern 64, and you plan to turn it on and continue to enjoy vibration pattern 64, sorry, you can’t. Because you go to the vibration model n. 1 and you will have to click the button for 63 times to go to vibration pattern 64.

    • Classic vibrator for incredible internal and external stimulation
    • Tapered tip and super-smooth shaft for easy insertion, perfect for first-time intimate play
    • Fully waterproof for aquatic pleasure sessions
    • Single button control keeps things simple for playtime
    • 100 function classic vibrator
    • Material: ABS Plastic
      Battery: 2 AA (Not Include)
      Insertable Length: 14.50cm
      Size: Length: 17.50cm * Width 3cm
  • Make your intimate moments more intense with this set of penis covers. Each sleeve has a different texture, so you can choose which one you like the most at all times. The material is very elastic and is perfect to use both on the penis and in any stimulator to add pleasure to your nights.

    • Set of 7 penis sleeves
    • Material: TPE
    • Measures product: 7cm * 3m (1Pcs)
      4.5cm * 2.5cm (6Pcs)
    • Phthalates Free
    Colour : Black - Blue - Clear
  • You can fall in love with this attachment only for its extraordinarily gentle touch. All lovers of the most gentle caress will love this velvety, exciting and almost indistinguishable from a real penis material. Therefore, feel free to experiment by changing the shape of your penis, length, diameter and surface. The partner is still the same and the man is still the same, but the sensations are new and amazing. The stretchable material will allow you to use the attachment without any problems. It perfectly performs the function of a contraceptive, prolongate due to a slight pressure on the penis and an enlarger. Diversify your sex life with simple and affordable toys!

    • Guaranteed and instant penis enlargement without surgery and pills.
    • More fun for your partner and you.
    • Super realistic material – Full lifelike skin imitation
    • Extend the time of sexual intercourse by reducing the sensitivity of the penis.
    • Size: Length 16.50cm * Width 4cm
    • Material: Softskin Silicone
  • These two tender unopened pink lily buds promise many secrets and pleasures. Slightly pointed tips will help you point out soft stimulation and find a corner of heavenly delight. The toy will be a great occasion for a pleasant pastime, solo or in pairs. The pink part of the vibrator is made of innovative, completely hypoallergenic material. Bends easily and discreetly adjusts to any of your movements. Vibration massage can be chosen in 10 different options – from the most delicate to intense. the enjoyment mode is easy to switch with the buttons. The double motor spreads vibration to both branches, creating a double caress effect. Working length 10 cm.

    • Sleek, silicone rabbit vibrator for blended G-spot and clitoral stimulation
    • Simple, non-intimidating design makes it perfect for beginners
    • Enjoy 3 speeds and 7 patterns while the branches treat you to dual stimulation of your G-spot and clitoris
    • Waterproof for fun in the shower
    • Size: Length 20cm * Width 3.50cm
    • Material: Silicone & ABS
    • Battery: 2 * AAA Batteries
  • The vibrator, original in its form, with a slightly pointed head will delight its owner with a classic size, a very tangible relief surface, a solid rod and elastic material. To all the advantages can be added multi-speed vibration and the ease of regulating the intensity of caressing waves. Affordable classics, which should be in the arsenal of sex toys, and without which an ordinary sexy dinner risks becoming insipid. Working length 17 cm.

    • Girthy, realistic vibrator for fulfilling intimate pleasure
    • Multispeed vibrations for varying intensity and sensations
    • Twist-base control for easy use during play
    • Petite, realistic vibrator for beginner-friendly intimate pleasure
    • Size: Length 17cm * Width 4cm
    • Material: TPE & ABS Plastic
    • Battery: 2 * AA Batteries
  • Always alert and enjoyable is the purpose of this serious-looking vibrator. From his pink outlined head, thick embossed trunk and elastic testicles, it is noticeable that you should not joke with this guy, but you should have fun and surrender to passion. In addition to realistic-feeling sex with an alpha male, you can easily enjoy different vibration speeds, feel the relief of the barrel and smooth curves. The vibrator is lovingly crafted from a safe material and will be more malleable when combined with a water-based lubricant. And let the night be passionate! Working length 18 cm.

    • Veiny shaft, pronounced head and textured balls for super-realistic sensations
    • Multispeed vibrations for varying intensity and sensations
    • Twist-base control for easy use during play
    • Petite, realistic vibrator for beginner-friendly intimate pleasure
    • Size: Length 18cm * Width 4cm
    • Material: TPE & ABS Plastic
    • Battery: 2 * AA Batteries
  • The twenty-centimeter vibrator, ideal in its form, seems to have been created according to the casts of the mighty dignity of Hercules. This instrument has embodied everything that is a real expression of masculine strength: a rounded, pronounced head, a relief mesh of veins, smooth bodily

    • Mesh of veins, pronounced head and smooth bodily for super-realistic sensations
    • Multispeed vibrations for varying intensity and sensations
    • Twist-base control for easy use during play
    • Petite, realistic vibrator for beginner-friendly intimate pleasure
    • Size: Length 22.50cm * Width 3.20cm
    • Material: TPE & ABS Plastic
    • Battery: 2 * AA Batteries
  • Long lasting passion-stirring sensations are guaranteed with this penis size and shape. A thin nose deftly and with special tenderness will stimulate those very corners that an ordinary lover cannot reach. Other advantages include a safe elastic surface of an erect penis, varying intensity of vibrations, smoothly increasing due to the easy movement of the wheel, and close cooperation with water-based lubricants. With such a toy, languid moans from your bedroom will be heard more and more often! Working length 19 cm.

    • A thin nose deftly head and smooth bodily for super-realistic sensations
    • Multispeed vibrations for varying intensity and sensations
    • Twist-base control for easy use during play
    • Petite, realistic vibrator for beginner-friendly intimate pleasure
    • Size: Length 21cm * Width 4.20cm
    • Material: TPE & ABS Plastic
    • Battery: 2 * AA Batteries
  • Look at these veins, the brightly outlined head, the fine mesh of veins. Together with the velvety material, you can hardly distinguish between a real body and the lovingly created A-Toys attachment. Use the attachment for lengthening or thickening the penis, as a method of contraception, as a new soft cover for your favorite vibrator, and whatever else you wish. The 19 cm long nozzle is made of soft soft Softskin material, which feels like human skin, keeping human warmth. The product is easy to stretch and put on the penis, just washes.

    • Guaranteed and instant penis enlargement without surgery and pills.
    • More fun for your partner and you.
    • Super realistic material – Full lifelike skin imitation
    • Extend the time of sexual intercourse by reducing the sensitivity of the penis.
    • Size: Length 19cm * Width 4cm
    • Material: Softskin Silicone
  • In addition to its stunning appearance, the Una vibrator is capable of delivering amazing pleasure to a partner and has a lot of advantages. In particular, the delicate head of the vibrator is shaped like a penis, providing additional stimulation, the soft and flexible tip of the massager will effectively stimulate the G-spot, so that the pleasure is unforgettable! The model is made of velvet cuddly medical grade silicone, the best material for sex toys of its kind. Products made from it touch the body with special love, the vibrator is easy to wash and use in conjunction with lubricants. The vibrator operates in 10 vibration modes controlled by one button. Working length 12 cm.

    • Smooth contoured vibrator designed to deliver powerful vibrations to your G-spot
    • Featuring 3 speeds and 7 patterns to give a wide variety of delicious sensations to discover
    • Elegant curved design complements your inner contours
    • Easy-to-use controls for seamless switching between patterns
    • Waterproof for fun in the shower
    • Size: Length 19.80cm * Width 4cm
    • Material: Silicone & ABS
    • Battery: 2 * AAA Batteries
  • This P-Curve is an elegant vibrator, designed for pleasure in the prostate. The upper part is curved and rounded, ideal for stimulating the prostate. On the other hand, you will find a perineum stimulator, which will provide you with more powerful and intense orgasms. Its shaft is narrow, which makes it suitable for both the most experienced and beginners.

    • 10 vibration functions
    • Stimulates the perineum and prostate
    • USB rechargeable
    • Remote control
    • Waterproof
    • Material: ABS & Silicone
    • Size: Length 14.20cm * Width 3cm
  • Activate Her Cream

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    A unique and potent blend of 100% natural ingredients that provide her with an activation in every sense of the word! A small dab of this incredible cream is applied to the outer genital area & clitoris during foreplay.
    If you’ve ever felt that everyone is experiencing a better sex life than you and you’re usually left unfulfilled, you are so in the right place.

    Activate-Her Sensual Arousal cream is definitely for you

    • if you say no to sex because it’s not fulfilling
    • if you feel underwhelmed by the pleasure and sensation you experience during sex
    • if it’s difficult for you to get aroused, excited and in the mood
    • if you enjoy sex but want to experiment and become more sensual
    • if you’re divorced or widowed and haven’t had sex in while. Hey Ladies remember, self pleasuring, gasp,
    • is incredibly important
    • if you simply desire sexual pleasure

    Warnings and precaution

    If irritation or discomfort develops, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
    Do not use on infected or irritated skin.
    Keep out of the reach of children.
    Avoid contact with eyes.

  • Addict Bondage Rope

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    Addict Bondage Rope designed for lovers of the most intense and dark pleasures, delve into Fetish Addict and enjoy your sexuality like never before. If you want to take your domination games to another level, this Japanese rope is what you need. Tie your partner, let your sub know who s boss, but what if you want to be sub this time? Well perfect, pleasure is served.

    • Soft rope is comfortable enough for prolonged wear
    • 5 or 10 Meters of soft, bondage rope for comfortable restraint play
    • Matte finish prevents knotwork slippage
    Colour : Black - Brown - Pink - Purple - Red
    Size : 10 Meters - 5 Meters
  • Aircraft offers technology to enhance masturbation and elevate intimate experiences. The Aircraft Silicone Masturbation Cup was designed to effectively take you from flaccid to erect by comfortably surrounding your entire head, frenulum, and upper shaft with powerful vibrations. With the well-placed internal motor, 10 vibrational patterns encompass the sensitive penis head for intense masturbation pleasure. Waterproof design can be enjoyed in any wet environment.

    • Powerful male vibrator with shallow canal to stimulate the head of your penis
    • Discreet non-anatomical design makes it ideal for couples and solo play
    • Velvety smooth silicone is best used with water-based lubricant
    • USB rechargeable for pleasure on the go
    • 10 Vibration modes that are powerful and quiet vibrations
    • Measurements: Length: 14cm * Diameter 5cm
  • Alina AV Vibrator

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    Alina is a new AV stick, can give you deep vibrations. The head is used for genital massage, stimulating the clitoris and other sensitive parts, smooth and soft handle with a powerful motor inside, give you the most pleasant sensory enjoyment.

    • Vibrating mode: 10 Frequency
    • Material: ABS + Silicone
    • Max noise: ≤50db
    • Waterproof
    • USB rechargeable
    • Use time: 2 Hours
    • Charging time: 1.5 Hours
    • Length 20cm * Width 4.3cm
  • When it comes to your or your partner’s ultimate pleasure, sometimes there’s just nothing better than a deep-reaching, perfectly contoured vibrating penetrator. Unless, of course, you or they also happen to be craving some powerful, super-stimulating suction. Never fear, with the amazingly, orgasmically capable Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy both.

    The Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator is not just a clitoral, breast or body play-ready suction pump, though it’s a fantastic one. It’s also not just a silky textured, inner sweet-spot seeking vibrator, though it has that particular pleasure act fully covered. Fact is, the Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator is both of those things – a perfect example of genius design and functionality working together in orgasmic harmony.

    The g-spot loving silicone portion of your Alon can be used any way you or your playmate likes, from deep throbbing internal penetration and g-spot or prostate seeking to teasing sweet spots body-wide. A dedicated button mans seven modes of powerful vibration. USB rechargeable, the Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator powers up at any free USB port using an included cable. In high end silicone plus sturdy acrylic, the Alon is hypoallergenic, body-safe, and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

    • Clear cylinder shows the magic in action
    • 7 intensity suctioning modes & 7 G-spot Vibration Speeds
    • Increases blood flow to clitoris and labia for heightened response to touch
    • Lined pump chamber gets great suction with help from just a touch of lube
    • Powerful G-spot vibrator for those craving intense internal stimulation
    • Curved design applies firm pressure to your G-spot
    • USB rechargeable with a magnetic cable included
    • Size: Length 25.80cm * Width 8.50cm
    • Material: ABS & Silicone
  • Let your inner alpha come out with Alpha-72. 72 hours of firmer erections, speedy recovery and longer rounds.
    Increase in size and thickness. It is a 100% natural product and designed by specialists, there is little to no side effects. It can be taken with any type of beverages, including alcoholic beverages. You will see results within just 1hour after ingestion.

    • Stronger erection
    • Lasts longer
    • Enhances libido and orgasm
    • Takes effect within 1hour
    • Completely safe and natural


    • 1 capsule taken 1hour prior to sexual activity. Maximum 2 capsules daily.


    • Maca Root, Ayahuasca, Atirasadi Chumi, Myrciaria Dubia.


    • Strong alcohol will decrease the effectiveness of the product.
    • Not recommended if you have heart disease or on medication for heart-related diseases.
    • This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.
    • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Aluminum Cock Ring

    0 out of 5

    This aluminum cock ring is designed to fit around the base of your cock. It is worn by first feeding each of your balls through the ring first followed by pulling your cock through. The cock ring is then pushed down to the base your cock. Some water based lube can help.

    It is recommended that when you use a cock ring, you ‘try it for size’ before relying on it in the bedroom. Cock rings are supposed to restrict blood flow and give you a slightly enlarged look, pronouncing veins and giving the penis a red blush. The only restriction with your cock ring is not to wear it for too long. It is generally advised to remove the cock ring after half an hour and let the blood flow return to normal before giving it another go.

    The concept of this ring works by letting blood flow to your cock but restricting blood flow back by exerting pressure underneath the scrotum and on the top of the penis keeping your erection standing tall and proud into the night. Because of the way you wear this ring and by the virtue that to wear it correctly you have to be able to get your balls and cock through it it first it is very unlikely that it will be the wrong size and be too tight around your penis. Sometimes they are too tight to be good for you and you should check for warning signs to ensure you aren’t doing yourself any damage. If you can see visible narrowing of the penis where the cock ring sits or a very red or blueish colour to the penis, the cock ring should be removed as it is too tight.

    • Width: 1.4 cm
    • Weight: 35 grams varies slightly by size
    • Sizes: Available in 3 standard diameters (40mm, 45mm, 50mm).
    • Material: Aluminum
    Size : 40mm - 45mm - 50mm
  • Turn on the red lights and enjoy the liberating experience of Amsterdam. This small bottle of Amsterdam poppers could be your ticket to a better experience. Simply pop it open and let it do its thing, before you know it you’ll be popping like you are in one of the most liberated cities in Europe! Every bottle of Amsterdam is made with Isobutyl Nitrite. Find out why so many people are enjoying themselves while they’re experiencing nitrate based popper.


    May be fatal if swallowed. Skin irritant and severe eye irritant. Highly flammable. Note that poppers is addictive.

    Poppers primarily act as a vasodilator, which means that they expand the blood vessels. Having dilated blood vessels can cause:

    • A sudden drop in blood pressure (too low, may cause fainting or a loss of consciousness)
    • dizziness
    • Increased heart rate
    • Light headedness
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