Discover the our range of Nipple, Breast, Clitoral and Pussy Pumps that can help to improve your sensations and heighten pleasure. These toys are becoming increasingly popular amongst women as they offer unique sensations that you won’t find in other sex toys.

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  • When it comes to your or your partner’s ultimate pleasure, sometimes there’s just nothing better than a deep-reaching, perfectly contoured vibrating penetrator. Unless, of course, you or they also happen to be craving some powerful, super-stimulating suction. Never fear, with the amazingly, orgasmically capable Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy both.

    The Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator is not just a clitoral, breast or body play-ready suction pump, though it’s a fantastic one. It’s also not just a silky textured, inner sweet-spot seeking vibrator, though it has that particular pleasure act fully covered. Fact is, the Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator is both of those things – a perfect example of genius design and functionality working together in orgasmic harmony.

    The g-spot loving silicone portion of your Alon can be used any way you or your playmate likes, from deep throbbing internal penetration and g-spot or prostate seeking to teasing sweet spots body-wide. A dedicated button mans seven modes of powerful vibration. USB rechargeable, the Alon Clitoral Sucking & G-spot Vibrator powers up at any free USB port using an included cable. In high end silicone plus sturdy acrylic, the Alon is hypoallergenic, body-safe, and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

    • Clear cylinder shows the magic in action
    • 7 intensity suctioning modes & 7 G-spot Vibration Speeds
    • Increases blood flow to clitoris and labia for heightened response to touch
    • Lined pump chamber gets great suction with help from just a touch of lube
    • Powerful G-spot vibrator for those craving intense internal stimulation
    • Curved design applies firm pressure to your G-spot
    • USB rechargeable with a magnetic cable included
    • Size: Length 25.80cm * Width 8.50cm
    • Material: ABS & Silicone
  • Baile Breast Pump

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    These modern plastic suction cups create a powerful vacuum that stimulates your breast and delivers amazing sensations. The suction action gently increases blood flow and excites your sensitive nerve endings, creating a one-of-a-kind feeling unlike anything you’ve experienced. The cups can be used virtually anywhere on your body, but they really feel great on the breasts!

    • Enlarge with twin cups
    • Cup Size: 10cm *10.5cm
    • Material: ABS & Silicone
  • Pump up the volume, and pump yourself to songs of pleasure. Super sensitize your vagina to new heights of pleasure with Doc Johnson’s full size pussy pump. The new cup is shaped to fit perfectly and encloses the labia and the clitoris. Our unique release valve allows for the removal of the non-kink hose and inflation bulb while retaining the vacuum pressure in the cup. All pink all girls all the time.

    • Heightens Sensitivity and Pleasure
    • Suction Plumps Labia And Clitoris
    • Ergonomically Curved Suction Chamber
    • Air Release Button for Fast, Safe Removal
    • Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe
  • R180.00R220.00
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    Size : Medium - Small
  • Enhance after-dark experiences and discover the arousal-boosting intensity of a little subtle suction with Nothing but Sensation, a set of 2 nipple teasers. Squeeze and release over areolae to create a gentle vacuum that increases size and sensitivity.

    “A weekend of firsts.” Fifty Shades of Grey

    Run a touch of water-based lubricant around the rim of each teaser before application to ensure a perfect seal. Once in place the air pressure boosts blood flow to create delicious tingling sensations, for feather-reactive nerve-endings after removal.

    • Silicone nipple teasers for thrilling sensations
    • Can heighten sensitivity for increased arousal in play
    • Uses air pressure to draw blood into nipples
    • Silky-soft silicone for a luxurious feel
    • Material: Silicone
    • Length: 5.08cm
  • This LuvPump Automatic Vagina Enhancement Kit is designed to create suction and increased blood flow to the vagina/labia region. Dramatically affects the sensitivity the vagina/labia, could be used as a body enhancing device before intercourse’s well. LuvPump vagina cup are made from medical-grade polycarbonate, which is the highest quality material on the market.

    • Highest quality medical-grade polycarbonate cup
    • Comfortable flanged base for secure seal
    • Vacuum valve on the top of the cup could hold suction even after hose is disconnected
    • Quick release valve on the pump could break the suction easily and safely
    • 3 AAA Batteries
    • 100% Silicone hose


    Instructions for use

    Lubricate the flange of the cup & the intended area as well.
    Press the left button to work the pump. There will be a slight pressure on the skin as air is drawn from the tube. For beginners, it important to start this process slowly to avoid discomfort. Remember to press the right button to release the vacuum if the pressure becomes too severe.
    Continue pumping/releasing air until you’ve found a level of pressure suitable to you.

  • Sexual arousal and visual stimulation skyrocket for a well-pumped pussy. Dole out or deny stronger orgasms with the heightened sensitivity and arousal that pumping provides, and watch the incredible visual results in real time through the pump’s transparent cup. Powerful suction keeps everyone’s hands free to play once the optimal seal is formed. Additional features including an instant air release button and USB charging ensure that your pump play is always safe and worry-free.

    • Greatly enhance sexual sensitivity, increase foreplay fun
    • Various suction provide incredible stimulation
    • Vacuum can be maintained after disconnecting the pump
    • Easy to disassemble and clean
    • USB rechargeable
  • Love pussy pumping and ready to take it to the next level? The Temptasia – Intense Pussy Pump System is a professional grade pussy pump for serious pumping. While the clitoris and vulva are extremely sensitive with a little foreplay using this product you can make sex or masturbation even more enjoyable because the pump draws blood to your clitoris enhancing pleasure. Place the cup over your vulva. Use the trigger to create the desired suction. Featuring an air release valve for easy removal. You can maintain constant suction or practice pumping, releasing and pumping again to simulate oral sex. The cup can be detached leaving your pussy suctioned to the cup. Enjoy the enhanced pleasure and the unique sensations of pussy pumping.

    • Heightens Sensitivity and Pleasure
    • Suction Plumps Labia And Clitoris
    • Ergonomically Curved Suction Chamber
    • Air Release Button for Fast, Safe Removal
    • Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe
  • Kiss your nipples and clit with sensual suction. With the twist clit and nipple suckers set, you’ll have all your hot spots aroused and tingling with suction. Lovers of clit and nipple teasing will love using and wearing these powerful, lightweight pumps. Get started with the twist clit and nipple suckers set by taking one of the suckers and fitting the clear suction chamber over your nipple or clit. Turn the screw-style twist top to the right to feel arousing suction. Use only a little suction, or keep twisting the top to increase the power. Add the other two suckers to triple your sensations.

    • Advanced nipple and clit suckers for experienced BDSM players
    • Easy-grip twist top increases and decreases pressure for custom suction
    • Clear chambers offer you and your lover a VIP view
    • Suitable for use anywhere on the body for varied play
    Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
    Size : Extra Extra Large - Extra Large - Medium - Small
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