Ways for Men with Premature Ejaculation to Last Longer in Bed

Do you ejaculate sooner than you would like? Premature ejaculation can be a difficult problem to have. The amount of suffering and the blow to a man’s confidence can be enormous.

You must learn how to last longer with practice. You learn this quicker through masturbation.

When you masturbate, pay attention to how it feels right before you ejaculate. This sensation is called your “Point of No Return.”

The goal is to learn how to control that “Point of No Return” reflex through masturbating and then stopping right before you ejaculate. Learning how to back off, breathe, and calm yourself will help you learn how to gain control over your ejaculation.

By learning how to back off when you feel like you are going to ejaculate, you create control and feel more in control of the sexual experience.

Practice by masturbating this “Start-Stop Technique” at least two or three times every time you masturbate. In other words, masturbate until you are about to ejaculate then stop, let your erection die down a little bit, take a few breaths, then start masturbating again. Repeat this cycle three times before you allow yourself to finally ejaculate.

To help cure premature ejaculation, you should be masturbating every day if not twice per day. It helps to desensitize your reflex to ejaculate.

Sexual control is a learned mechanism. It may take months of daily practice to learn how to last longer.

Be patient with yourself. There is no quick fix.

When you are with your partner, make sure you have ejaculated already that same day. If you have not ejaculated recently, you are highly likely to ejaculate faster than you would like.

If you happen to ejaculate with a partner before you have wanted to, do something to make sure your partner has an orgasm. When your partner is left hanging it is not as good of an experience for them. Making sure they are pleasured is what makes you a good lover.

If your anxiety is all about having intercourse, have sexual relations without penetration.

If you are in a relationship, tell your partner you are working on lasting longer. It may help ease some of the nervousness associated with having sex.

Male Desensitizers

Desensitizers are designed to feel less sensation and delay ejaculation and prolong intercourse. Dynamo Delay is the best it finally helps couples enjoy longer-lasting sex with a clinically tested fast-acting formula that provides safe and effective results. Save the day and go all night long with the Dynamo Desensitizing Delay Spray.

What do they feel like?

Either a cooling or warm sensation in the beginning. They slightly numb the area, but men should still be able to feel something.

What if someone tries it and it has no effect?

Try a different brand. Each product uses different ingredients and a different recipe of ingredients. Since people have different chemistry, one brand may work better than another. Experiment!

How long does the effect last?

All topical desensitizers produce temporary results varying between a few minutes to a few hours. It depends on the person’s personal physiology, how the formula works with their body, and how much product is used.

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