Douches and enemas are functional tools to ensure top notch anal hygiene, prior to a sexual encounter. They are similar to vaginal douches, except, as their names suggests, are performed anally. People generally use them to avoid any “accidents” during sex by removing all impurities, ensuring a clean and fresh anal sex experience.

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  • Get clean and ready for action with this classic, easy-to-use cleaning system. The bulb has a fine, comfortable tip, which allows for quick and easy recessed cleaning. This Black Mont Easy Clean Enema is highly recommended for sexual hygiene, your partner will surely appreciate the gesture of taking care of one of their favorite places to play.

    • Easy to use, squeezable bulb.
    • Phthalate free
    • Easy to wash with toy cleaner or hot water
    • Soft to the touch
    • Material: PVC & ABS
    • Size: Length 17cm * Width 8.30cm
  • Open the door of thrilling anal sensation with the Ultimate Anal Kit. This kinky kit includes a set of 3 graduated anal plugs and a large enema bulb to let you safely and comfortably enjoy passionate anal stimulation. To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of anal play has to offer, training is needed in order to ensure total safety and satisfaction. Our tapered silicone plugs allow you to gently increase the size of your pleasure as you tease and train.

    While each increase of your training expands your horizons, use the convenient suction cup base for hands-free stimulation, effortless insertion and gentle removal. Never again worry about little accidents spoiling the mood, instead, allow the silicone enema bulb to give you a superior cleaning experience. Effortlessly control water flow and stimulation with this EZ squeeze enema bulb.

    The flexible probes are made from a hygienically superior silicone. This body safe material is unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots happy and healthy

    • The kit includes: Anal douche with soft and flexible vacuum bulb and removable conical tip.
    • It disassembles for easy cleaning.
    • Holds up to 250 ml.
    • Set of 3 graduated size silicone probes. (10.25, 12.75 and 15.25cm)
  • Cloud 9 Fresh Plus 225ML EZ Squeeze Douche Kit makes preparing for intercourse quick and simple. This soft, easy to use enema bulb is a handy device to clean the rectum or vagina; made with a premium soft and flexible tip to contour to your body. Bonus C-Rings: Cloud 9 cock rings are made of phthalate free, non-toxic thermoplastic rubber TPR. They are comfortable and made specifically for your safety and hygiene during intimate play. You can use Cloud 9 cock rings individually or together. Cock rings can give you a longer lasting erection by trapping the blood supply in the penis and intensifying your orgasm!

    • Safe, hygienic body superior
    • Soft PVC “EZ Squeeze Focus” Mouthpiece
    • Sharpened Slim Mouthpiece
    • Includes (2) C-RINGS.

    How to use

    This high quality kit is completely safe and brings great results in the comfort of your own home. Our enema bulb is composed of two parts: the first is a flexible, deep clean nozzle that is easy to insert and comfortable to remove. The second is a flat bottomed bulb that is specially designed to resist tipping over. Simply fill the bulb with your desired fluid, insert the tip, and slowly press the bulb to release the liquid. When you are finished, the parts detach for a quick cleanup in warm, soapy water. Care and cleaning: thoroughly clean the Cloud 9 EZ Squeeze Bulb and C-rings before and after each use. You can wash with antibacterial soap or use Cloud 9 Toy Cleaner. Store in a cool dry place after cleaning.


  • Anal douche for giving zesty delight to your anal pleasure zone! The handy shower can also be used for rectum hygiene and for cleaning your anal region in preparation for anal sex.

    • Easy-to-use anal douche for clean and enjoyable anal play and sex
    • Squeezable bulb sucks in and expels water for thorough cleaning
    • Narrow stem makes insertion comfortable and easy
    • Holds up to 224ml of water
    • Material: PVC & ABS plastic
    • Size: Length 16.50cm * Width 8cm
    • Insertable length: Length 5.50cm
  • SC Anal Douche Kit

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    This SC Anal Douche kit gives you options for rinsing out in order to provide you with comfort, convenience, and cleanliness! A one-way valve reduces messy backflow to ensure that you have a pleasant experience. The soft, Easy Grip Bulb holds up to 225ml of liquid, a perfect amount whether you are cleaning out for health or pleasure!

    • 225ml anal douche with easy-squeeze bulb for effective anal cleansing
    • 3 Nozzle attachments for pleasure as you clean
    • Adjustable tip to control the release of water
    • Disassembles for easy cleaning