Prepare to ascend to new heights of anal pleasure with our extraordinary collection of large anal sex toys, meticulously crafted for the most experienced and adventurous users. These colossal creations push the boundaries of sensation, offering an unparalleled challenge that will ignite your deepest desires. Read More

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  • This butt plug is one of our most intimidating. It is designed as two giant plugs balanced one atop the other. Many size enthusiasts can tackle the first plug with some work, but the second is a true challenge. The suction cup base makes it easier for a user to attempt it solo. The pthalate-free PVC material that comprises this plug helps keep it durable, but comfortable and smooth for easy insertion and use.

    • Enjoy intense pleasure from overcoming each large plug
    • Long graduating body size is designed to stretch your ass to it’s limits
    • Enjoy it either sitting on it or have a partner penetrant you the plug
    • Increase your body’s ability to accept larger toys while enjoying intense stimulation
    • The unique design maximizes pleasure while keeping your body guessing what’s next
    • Enjoy a full and stretched out feeling
    • Definitely for advanced anal players only
    • Improves your orgasm strength
    • Size: Length: 22.86cm * Width: 6.50cm
    • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
    • Anal lube is a must
  • Been waiting for a massive ion to stretch you out and massage your insides? The wait is over! Take a seat on this deeply ribbed anal plug! With 25.50 whole centimeters of able pleasure and 10.25 centimeters inches of width, your body is in for an experience of a lifetime. Just mount it to any smooth, hard surface and get to work. The smooth head is tapered to make the insertion as easy on you as possible. Slick yourself up with a slippery lube! The deep grooves will transport you out of this world as they slide past your inner walls. Do not make yourself wait any longer for the enormous penetration you have been craving!

    • Massive 26cm grooves style butt plug
    • Grooves texture adds thrilling internal stimulation
    • The flat base acts as a safety stop and stand for the plug
    • Made from body-safe PVC
    • Very smooth and slick to the touch
    • Designed to stretch out your backdoor
    • Girthy butt plug for fulfilling sensations during anal play
    • Definitely for advanced anal players only
    • Size: Length: 26cm * Width: 10.25cm
    • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
    • Anal lube is a must
    • Weight: 1.21Kg
  • Don’t let this long toy intimidate you too much. The Intimidator Butt Plug by X-men over most other sex toys and looks like it was chiseled from stone. This plug is not just for anybody though, it’s for the thrill-seekers out there. The people who want to take their bodies and sexuality to the next level. Anyone who have something to prove get the Intimidator plug. It’s no wonder why though with the long tapered body with plenty of girth.

    • Lengthy 26cm anal plug with soft ribbed edges for intense pleasure
    • The perfect toy to stretch your sphincter out over an extended period of time
    • Designed to stimulate your rectal area through pressure and weight
    • Soft pointed tip makes insertion easy and pleasurable
    • Enjoy stimulation from the long and ribbed sloped edges
    • The flared base prevents the plug from going too far inside
    • Definitely for advanced anal players only
    • Made from body-safe PVC
    • Size: Length: 26cm * Width: 10.25 cm
    • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
    • Anal lube is a must
    • Weight: 1.03Kg
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