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Who doesn’t want stronger, more frequent orgasms? Train your pleasure sensitivity with the B Swish Bfit Classic Kegel Balls set henceforth the customizable Kegel workout.

Complete with four interchangeable free-floating weights, that deliver deeply arousing sensations. Two easy-to-use harnesses are perfected with an ultra-thin (yet super strong) retrieval cord for maximum comfort during extended wear as you train your pelvic floor.

In addition, wearing your kegel ball before intimate play is a great way to trigger natural lubrication and enhance sensitivity for an extra thrilling experience.

Start with the 2 lighter balls (28G each) and progress to the 2 weightier balls (38G each) when ready to advance your training. Wear the balls with the silicone holder, which features a pull cord for easy removal.

Slather your B Swish Bfit Classic Kegel Balls generously with water-based lubricant before use, to ensure smooth insertion and a comfortable experience. The body-safe non-porous silicone is sweetly sensual on contact and also provides simple cleanup.

Key features

  • Kegel ball set for those looking to advance their pelvic floor strength and intensify orgasms
  • Progress from the 2 x 28G Kegel balls to the 2 x 38G Kegel balls
  • Silicone ball holder with a pull-cord ensures easy removal
  • Super-discreet for a sensual workout, at home or out and about
  • Retrieval cord for safe and easy removal
  • Material:  Silicone, ABS Plastics and TPE
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Bfit Classic Kegel Balls
Bfit Classic Kegel Balls