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There’s nothing like feeling like an animal when you’re in bed! But what if you’re not in the right mood to be one? What you need is an accessory that will not only transform you physically but will catch the eyes of your lover and keep them right where you want them! This Colorful Fox Tail Butt Plug, 3 Colors does both of those things and more!

There’s no such thing as a pink vixen, but with this sex toy, you can be whatever you want to be! It has three more colors: black, white, and a hot red, so you can pick out your personal favorite or collect all three of them!

  • Steel butt plug with faux fur tail for advanced furry fetish fun
  • Weighty plug weighs 25g for firm, filling sensations
  • Flared base for peace of mind during wear
  • Metal plug can be cooled or warmed in water for added temperature play kicks
  • Sensitive-skin friendly and safe to use with all lubricants
  • Butt Plug Size: Length 7.50cm * Width 2.80cm
  • Tail Length: 35cm
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Colorful Fox Tail
Colorful Fox Tail