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Satisfy your lover for longer with the Screaming O Ringo 3-Pack.

The Screaming O Ringo 3-Pack help keep him harder longer with stronger, fuller and also firmer erections, and now fans can enjoy three unique super-stretchy sizes to find their perfect fit! Screaming O Ringo come in 3 graduating sizes so you can get your perfect fit, as well as increase the intensity of the blood flow restriction by wearing multiple rings at once!

Simply stretch the ring around the penis and testicles and wear at the base of the body to allow the snug cock ring to do its job. The tight fit slows blood flow to the penis, allowing erections to last longer while helping percent premature ejaculation — and the sensation can also help intensity orgasms tenfold! Choose from Stronger, Firmer or Harder tensions and see what works best for you!

Simply apply lube to your erection and slide your ring of choice down to the base of your penis. Second ring can also be use around the testicles to combination pleasure. Enjoy orgasmic stimulation for your partner from the stimulating spheres on each ring.

Basically to clean them you will only need to use some toy cleaner. But if you have just use some soap and warm water to clean after each use.

Key features

    • Comes with 3 differently sized cock rings
    • Different combinations around shaft and testicles for pleasurable constriction
    • Keeps your erection harder for longer & intensifies orgasms
    • Pleasure beads around the ring for added stimulation
    • The stretchy TPR material fits over any man’s erection
    • Easy to clean with warm water & toy cleaner to reuse
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Screaming O Ringo 3-Pack
Screaming O Ringo 3-Pack