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Set includes: Eyemask, Satin Ties Bed Restraint Kit, Door Jam Closet Cuffs and Inflatable Position Wedge, offers a variety of positioning options, door Jam Closet Cuffs allow for vertical intimate play and feature elegant corset lace-up detail, perfect for couples, beginners friendly, light to intermediate bondage, elegant sheer black lace overlay on grey fabric. Eyemask: 100% Polyester. Under The Bed Ties: Ties (100% Polyester); Straps (100% Polypropylene); Rings & Trigger Hooks (100% nickel-free Iron); Adjusters (100% ABS plastic). Door Jam Closet Cuffs: Cuffs & Ribbons (100% Polyester); Strap (100% Polypropylene); Leashes, Rings, D-Ring & Trigger Hooks (100% nickel-free Iron); Hook (100% Acrylic). Inflatable Wedge: 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

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