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Experience enhanced sensation with Steamy Shades Y-Style Beaded Nipple Clamps. Perfect for beginners and experienced users alike, these clamps feature adjustable tension and beaded texture for a comfortable yet thrilling experience. Explore new heights of pleasure and intimacy today.

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Introducing the Steamy Shades Y-Style Beaded Nipple Clamp, a unique and exciting product that is perfect for couples looking to add some adventure to their intimacy. This beaded body chain features attached nipple and clit clamps, designed for hands-free stimulation and enhanced pleasure.

The nipple clamps are tweezers-style, allowing for easy adjustability and a range of sensations. Whether you’re looking for a light touch or something more intense, these clamps can accommodate. The clit clamp is also adjustable, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

The beaded body chain is not only visually stunning but also functional, adding an extra element of excitement to your playtime. The coated tips on the clamps ensure maximum comfort and prolonged wear, so you can enjoy using this product for as long as you like.

This product is perfect for couples looking to explore new sensations and add some excitement to their intimate moments. With its adjustable clamps and beaded body chain, the Steamy Shades Y-Style Beaded Nipple Clamp provides a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Try it out and discover a new level of intimacy and pleasure with your partner.

Key features of the Y-Style Beaded Nipple Clamp by Steamy Shades

  • Connects her most delicate areas using Y-shaped chains.
  • An adjustable sliding ring is provided to customize the level of pinching intensity.
  • Vinyl-covered clamps offer a more comfortable feeling against the skin.
  • The clips remain securely in place once you have clamped them.
  • High-quality, hypoallergenic materials are used for ensured safety and comfort.
  • Clamps (100% nickel-free Iron), Tips coated (100% Rubber); Leash (100% ABS plastic).

How to Take Good Care of Your Sex Toy

Care for this item by performing a thorough wash when play is over. Wash in warm, soapy water or with your preferred toy cleaner as per the provided instructions. Once done, dry the surface completely and store separately, in a cool, dark and dry place when not in use.

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Steamy Shades Y-Style Beaded Nipple Clamp