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Sometimes, a handjob or a blowjob is not enough to make your penis erect. The reason could be in your masturbation and sexual routines. Fortunately, you can spice things up by just inserting this Deep catheter stainless steel penis plug into your urethra! This metal-based toy for men can level up your sex play. This sleek penis plug has everything you need in a sex tool. The toy is 5.3 inches long, which is enough to reach the base of the penis. This will stimulate your urethra and enhance your sensitivity, making your manhood erect.

Meanwhile, the beads along the rod enhance the sensation in the urethra. As the textured shaft gets deeper into your cock, the beads hit all your erotic zones, leading to a better orgasm. Last is the circular tip of the plug. The round end gives your member a pierced look once the accessory is in place. It also serves as a stopper so that the penis plug doesn’t completely slip into your urethra.

  • Long, ribbed urethral sound for deep urethral play
  • 10mm diameter for satisfying stretch and deep penetration
  • 55g weight assists hands-free insertion
  • Suitable for autoclave cleaning for 100% sterile play
  • Measurements: Length: 13.60cm * Diameter 0.10cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel

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Deep Catheter Stainless Steel Penis Plug
Deep Catheter Stainless Steel Penis Plug