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Looking to expand your horizons? With this Utimi Rider Silicone Penis Plug, greater depth and breadth of pleasure is within your reach. The richly textured are to discover unbelievable pleasure. The Rider plug measures 4.7 inches in insertable length and 8mm in diameter.

Crafted from lightweight, hypoallergenic silicone, this plug is comfortable to insert and flexes with your body for satisfying wear. Plus, ends in a bulbed tip that gives you complete control and makes removal easy.

  • Beginner-friendly silicone urethral sounds for exploring urethral play
  • Longer, textured sound has a diameter of 8mm and delivers extra stimulation
  • Shorter sound has a diameter of 3mm and widens towards the end for enhanced stimulation
  • Flexible, hypoallergenic, lightweight silicone offers comfort and is ideal for first-time urethral play
  • Measurements: Length: 13cm * Diameter 0.80cm
  • Material: Silicone

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Utimi Rider Silicone Penis Plug
Utimi Rider Silicone Penis Plug