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Record your personal best with this Classiup Classic Power Penis Pump by LuvPump , designed to enhance appearance and assist with erectile dysfunction over time with regular use. Features a comfortable trigger grip that makes it easy to control the amount of pressure in the cylinder and lets you pump for longer with a reduced risk of cramping. Simply squeeze to make the sleeve feel tighter around your penis.

Crafted from phthalate-free silicone and PVC, and comes with a free silicone cock ring.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Trigger grip
  • Silicone & PVC
  • Phthalate-free
  • Silicone cock ring included
  • Cylinder length: 23 cm
  • Internal diameter: 5.5 cm

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Introducing the LuvPump Classiup Classic Power Penis Pump, your ultimate solution for enhancing your sexual performance and overall manhood.

This state-of-the-art penis pump utilizes powerful vacuum technology to effectively enlarge and strengthen your member. With repeated use, you’ll experience noticeable increases in the length, girth, and stamina of your penis. The Classiup Classic Power Pump features a high-quality trigger grip, providing you with unparalleled suction and control. Its included clear cylinder allows you to monitor your progress in real-time, ensuring maximum results.

Designed for your utmost comfort, the pump’s ergonomic shape and soft rubber gasket create a secure and comfortable fit. Its easy-to-use controls provide intuitive operation, allowing you to adjust the suction level effortlessly. By promoting increased blood flow to your penis, the LuvPump Classiup Classic Power Penis Pump enhances your erections, making them firmer and longer lasting. You’ll enjoy more satisfying sexual experiences, giving you and your partner the pleasure you deserve.

As a leading provider of sexual enhancement products, Classiup stands behind the quality and effectiveness of its offerings. The Classiup Classic Power Penis Pump is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, giving you peace of mind and the confidence to achieve your manhood goals.

Don’t settle for average. Invest in the LuvPump Classiup Classic Power Penis Pump today and unlock the full potential of your sexual performance. Order now and experience the Classiup difference!

Key features of the LuvPump Classiup Classic Power Pump

  • Silicone entrance provides a comfortable, air-tight seal
  • Cylinder marked with ruler so you can measure your progress
  • Increases your penis length, girth & staying power
  • Clear chamber allows you to keep an eye on your size as you pump
  • Soft & flexible PVC seal creates an airtight vacuum
  • Ergonomically designed trigger handle
  • Quick-release valve for instant pressure relief and enjoyment
  • Dimensions: Cylinder length – 23 cm, Inner diameter – 5.5 cm
  • Material: ABS and TPE
  • Includes a free jelly cock ring

How to use the Classiup Classic Power Pump

  1. Attach the rubber mouth around the large end of the transparent Tube.
  2. Connect the air bulb and hose kit to the opposite end of the transparent penis tube nipple.
  3. Push the center rubber ring in to make it recessed and flat. Apply a small amount of lubricant on the rubber ring’s center rim to allow easy entrance for the penis.
  4. Position the head of the penis against the center rubber ring and hold the penis tube firmly with one hand, while beginning to pump with the other hand.
  5. Pull the pumper handle to pump the air out from the tube, thereby creating suction. Push the air release valve when the penis is enlarges by 3cm (use the measurement scale on the transparent tube), or when no further air can be pumped out of the tube.
    Repeat this procedure for 10 minutes once a day, three times a week.


Should the penis curve downward and touch the tube, apply some lubricant on the tube rim to eliminate friction.
Record the size of your penis before initial usage, and measure again every two weeks.

How to Take Good Care of Your Penis Pump

Care for this item by performing a thorough wash when play is over. Wash in warm, soapy water or with your preferred toy cleaner as per the provided instructions. Once done, dry the surface completely and store separately, in a cool, dark and dry place when not in use.


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