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Add sought-after length with this fully adjustable LuvPump penis extender. Features a smooth, seamless base that pivots for fully rotational positioning and a stretchy, durable silicone strap that holds the shaft firmly in place. Easy screw nuts also help keep the extender right where you want it. Also comes with a comfortable foam ring for added padding under the shaft strap.

  • Designed to increase length
  • Fully adjustable
  • Stretchy, durable silicone strap
  • Screw nuts for perfect placement
  • Smooth, seamless pivoting base
  • Dual rods connect strap to base
  • 4 removeable threaded extension rods
  • Brass, silicone & polyurethane


How does the penis extender works?

You can choose the silicone tube, Fasten the basal ring around the base of your penis, Make sure the metal rods run parallel down each side of the penis, and the head of your penis rests in the bowl-shaped support part. Put both ends of the comfort strap/silicone tube through the holes of the plastic support. Now you will have a loop to put your penis in. Fasten the comfort strap/silicone tube, and turn the thumb-screws to adjust the pull on your penis.

The makers also claim it will fix Peyronie’s Disease (commonly known as a slightly bent penis) with continued use.


This is a training system, NOT a medical instrument. Please exercise according to the instruction in the package to avoid any damage to the body or penis.

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LuvPump Penis Extender
LuvPump Penis Extender