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Enhance your erection with this Powerup Penis Pump Pull Rod. Get the size and confidence you’ve always dreamt about as you watch your cock grow bigger and thicker than ever before! By surrounding your entire shaft with direct vacuum suction, the Penis Enlargement Pump feels great and increases your size!

The super-soft, comfortable silicone sleeve wraps tightly around you, forming a perfect seal around the base of your cock to create a super-strong vacuum that produces maximum results. With each pull of the EZ-Grip pump trigger, the Penis Enlargement Pump creates suction just like a blow job and delivers rock hard erections that last and last.

  • Trigger-style penis pump to potentially increase your size and stamina
  • Clear chamber allows you to keep an eye on your size as you pump
  • Silicone entrance provides a comfortable, air-tight seal
  • Cylinder marked with ruler so you can measure your progress
  • Size: Length 22cm * Width 6.90cm
  • Material: ABS, Silicone and TPE
  • Package include: 1 Pump & 1 Ribbed cock rings

Out of stock

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